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My favorite robes

Guys, I am obsessed with robes!  Whether I'm getting dressed, hanging around the house or glamming for the night I basically live in my robes.  Here are a few that I'm currently wearing and loving: [ ... ] Read More
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My favorite eye creams

Eye cream is SO important when it comes to keeping your eyes looking fresh and young and, aside from wearing SPF every day, I'm crazy about finding the BEST eye cream out there!  Here are a few of my [ ... ] Read More
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Trending Tuesday: Vanity Desks

When people sometimes think of desks, they think of something big and clunky, and probably not very cute.  But here's a trick I tell a lot of my design clients: use a vanity as a desk instead!  They [ ... ] Read More
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My favorite sunscreen

THE ONLY SECRET TO GOOD SKIN IS...sunscreen.  No amount of Botox or filler will save us from the damage the sun does to our skin (#wrinkles #darkspots) - not fun! So, to avoid, I use sunscreen every [ ... ] Read More
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campaign-style furniture

  I'm definitely having a love affair with campaign-style furniture; I think it is so chic, timeless and sophisticated. As a nightstand, dresser or credenza, it can add an automatic wow factor [ ... ] Read More
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Fashion Friday: Summer Hats

In addition to being a great way to protect your hair and face from the sun, a hat is also an easy and super cute way to look extra fabulous on a yacht, at the beach or just running around!  Persona [ ... ] Read More