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Fashion Friday: Bracelets

Bracelets are perfect for layering or, of course, even wearing solo.  I love a quirky spin like an evil eye or a snake an here a few as of late: 1// Arme De L'Amour Bracelet 2// Jules Smith Zoe [ ... ] Read More

Top 7: Sofas

A good sofa serves two functions; one, it's a place to sit and two, it adds something to your living room.  Lately I'm really loving these sofas; they're all different but work really well blended wi [ ... ] Read More

Trending Tuesday: Candles

Candles!  A definite must-have for any home.  A good candle can add a pleasant fragrance to your home and really add a nice ambiance/calm state, especially for a party or when you want to relax and [ ... ] Read More

Top 7: Pendant Lighting

You saw my post on chandeliers but today we're focusing on pendant lighting.  While they may seem similar, the main difference is that chandeliers usually have arms that can hold a light, while penda [ ... ] Read More

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